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How to choose the right pulleys for a good functioning?

The service life of Codica wire ropes can be considerably increased by careful selection of the pulleys and rope construction, the main criteria being :

  • The geometry of the groove bottom
  • Ratio of groove bottom diameter to rope diameter
  • The surface finish of the groove bottom
  • The material of the pulleys
  • Rope construction

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Codica pulleys have been specially designed for operation on steel cable. Manufactured from injected polyamide material.

Three main types of pulleys are available: with a simple bore, with a self-lubricating bearing or with a bearing for more intensive use.

We recommend coupling the pulleys to a flexible cable of 7X7 or 7X19 construction. The rope should ideally be sheathed in polyamide 12 to achieve high endurance cycles.

How to size a Codica pulley for cable ?

Recommended pulleys diameter

Cable construction

7X7 and 6X7 + FC

42 X cable diameter (excluding sheath)

7X19 and 6 X 7 + FC

25 X cable diameter (excluding sheath)

8X19 + 7X7

16 X cable diameter (excluding sheath)

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