Manufacturer of flexible shaft

What is a flexible shaft?

A flexible shaft is a multitude of layers of wire stranded in one direction and then in the other. The flexible shaft transmits a torque, characterised in Nm.

In order to define the correct reference of flexible shafts, the following parameters must be defined:

  • The torque to be transmitted
  • The speed
  • The preferred direction of rotation or is it both
  • The length – (above 150 mm a metal sheath is necessary)
  • The endurance cycles
  • The environment
Fabricant arbre flexible câble crémaillère

Flexible shafts are a simple solution for transmitting rotational force from one point to another in a winding configuration.

Lightweight, compact and robust, Codica’s flexible shafts are custom-made to your technical specifications. We offer co-design to achieve a working prototype.

As a complement to gearboxes and gearing devices, flexible shafts are ready to complete a motor.

Complete, customised solutions with flexible shafts

With years of experience in the flexible shaft industry. Codica is able to offer you a complete and ready to use solution with crimped flexible shaft ends, sleeves and cut-to-length metal casing ends.

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