Fabricant guide câble acier, câble inox, gaine, poulie et réa pour câble acier
Fabricant guide câble électrique

Guide, sheaths and pulleys

To accompany a steel cable in a mechanical device, it is advisable to use bevel gears suitable for cable systems. The choice is made on extruded tubes, metal sheaths following different constructions but also on a wide range of pulleys or called sheaves.

Coated Flat Wire outer cable

The flat wire outer cable consists of a wire wound on itself and covered with a layer of plastic, PVC, PP or polyamide. To extend the life of the cable it is recommended to add an inner tube.

Fabricant gaine en métal fil plat sans tube

Coated flat wire outer cable with inner tube

The Codica flat wire outer cable with inner tube is made up of a self-winding steel wire, an inner tube and a cover. It is a sheath suitable for high duty cycles. The flat wire sheath has a perfect compression resistance.

Fabricant gaine métallique fil plat avec tube plastique

Metal sheath coated round wire

The round wire conduit consists of a round wire wound on itself and a plastic cover. The round wire sheath accepts smaller bending radii than the flat wire sheath. It is advisable to add an inner tube to increase the service life of the wire rope.

End caps for metal sheaths

The end outer cable are made in glavanized or stainless steel to fix the outer cable and allow an adjustement of the cable tension. Many other types are available.

Embout de gaine métallique

PUSH PULL outer cable with inner sheath

The PUSH PULL outer cable consists of an inner tube and several wires wound lengthwise and then covered with polypropylene or polyamide. It is lighter and has a more precise behaviour than flat wire sleeves with a cable assembly.

Gaine push pull métallique avec tube intérieur

BP Type Sheaves/Pulleys with Bore

Codica's micro sheaves or pulleys for wire rope are made from POM Delrin. This material is highly resistant to fatigue, wear and tear and provides a longer life span than wire rope. It is recommended that the sheave be coupled with a Codica sheathed rope.

Fabricant micro réa pour câble

MP type sheave/pulley self-lubricated bearing

Codica BP pulleys are made of polyamide and have a self-lubricating bronze bearing. The oil (viscosity similar to SAE 30) contained in the pores of the material acts as a hydraulic damper, absorbing shocks and thus giving the assembly a long service life. The bronze is particularly resistant to corrosion and wear.

Ball bearing UP type sheaves/blocks

Codica's polyamide sheaves are fitted with an open bearing. The pulleys are designed for use where the load and speed constraints are medium.

Protected ball bearing SP type sheaves/blocks

Codica's ball bearing SP type sheaves are particularly suitable for heavy duty applications. The sheaves are mounted on ball bearings, greased and fitted with flanges to protect them from contamination. The pulleys can handle high speeds and heavy loads.

Pulleys type LP

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Plastic tube POM / PE steel cable

Codica's plastic pipes are produced by a continuous extrusion process and the recommended materials are POM or PE (high or low density polyethylene). Casing pipes are well suited to complementing a metal sheath to reduce friction.

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