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Codica cables transmissions is a manufacturer of complete devices and tailor-made steel cable solutions for the furniture industry. The accommodations are more and more functional, retractable beds, sliding doors to save space. The surfaces are optimized down to the smallest detail. Codica integrates into the mechanisms of professional offices. Steel cables of flexible stainless steel construction fit into small spaces for high endurance operation.

To operate a remote system in a piece of furniture or in sliding doors. The input data to be determined is the mechanical strength of the cable ends as well as the endurance cycles. According to these two criteria, we are able to tell you which type of construction and diameter of the steel cable to choose. Depending on the environment, the stainless steel range in AISI 316 grade will be adapted to protect against corrosion. For applications with return angles, pulleys and sheaves specially designed for operation on cables. Codica specializes in the manufacture of cables according to a technical plan, made to measure and ready to use.

Our products

BP Type Sheaves/Pulleys with Bore

Codica's micro sheaves or pulleys for wire rope are made from POM Delrin. This material is highly resistant to fatigue, wear and tear and provides a longer life span than wire rope. It is recommended that the sheave be coupled with a Codica sheathed rope.

Fabricant micro réa pour câble

MP type sheave/pulley self-lubricated bearing

Codica BP pulleys are made of polyamide and have a self-lubricating bronze bearing. The oil (viscosity similar to SAE 30) contained in the pores of the material acts as a hydraulic damper, absorbing shocks and thus giving the assembly a long service life. The bronze is particularly resistant to corrosion and wear.

Protected ball bearing SP type sheaves/blocks

Codica's ball bearing SP type sheaves are particularly suitable for heavy duty applications. The sheaves are mounted on ball bearings, greased and fitted with flanges to protect them from contamination. The pulleys can handle high speeds and heavy loads.

Pulleys type LP

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Ball bearing UP type sheaves/blocks

Codica's polyamide sheaves are fitted with an open bearing. The pulleys are designed for use where the load and speed constraints are medium.

Stainless steel microcables

The microcables in 7X7 or 7X19 construction are dedicated to applications with very small footprints. Very flexible and robust.

Fournisseur microcâble en construction 8x19

Sheathed stainless steel microcables

The sheathed micro cables in 7X7 or 7X19 construction have a polyamide 12 sheath. This sheathing reduces friction and extends the life of the cable.

Micro câble gaine en construction 7x7

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