Fournisseur accessoire pour câble industriel
Fournisseur accessoire câble industriel


Codica offers you complete tailor-made solutions, ready to use by steel cable with precision down to the millimeter. However, during the modeling, prototyping or small series transmission cable manufacturing phases, we have a wide range of crimping pliers, shears and accessories to make the first assemblies by yourself and thus save time. weather. Once the cable lengths have been adjusted, entrust us with the industrialization of the product.

Proto Box case for cable

The Proto Box consists of the tools (shears and crimping pliers) and the accessories, cables, sheaths and ferrules needed to manufacture a custom-made steel cable for 1.5 mm cable.

Malette proto box pour câble

Cable cutter crimping pliers

Codica crimping pliers are used for crimping wire end ferrules from 0.5 to 5 mm diameter. With different dies and lengths, the crimping forces are high. It is an ideal solution for prototypes and small series.

Pince sertissage coupe câble

Cable cutters

Codica's cable cutters have the unique feature of cutting without fraying cable with their 'parrot beak' end. These cutters are suitable for cable diameters up to 3.5 mm.

cisaille pour coupe câble

Cable ties

Codica's Simplex and Duplex stainless steel cable clamps have a very high mechanical strength. The cable clamps are made up of 2 steel plates that clamp the cable in the centre with one screw for the simplex versions or two screws for the duplex versions.

fournisseur serre câble simplex

Crimp sleeves

Codica crimping sleeves are perfectly suited to crimping pliers. The crimping sleeves are available in different diameters and materials, aluminium, copper or stainless steel.

manchon à sertir pour câble

Steel wire rope coils

Codica's wire rope coil packaging is the easiest way to support your prototyping.

fournisseur câble en acier galvanisé en couronne
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