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Manufacturer of custom wire rope solutions since 1957

Codica cables transmissions develops and offers a range of high-strength stainless steel cables for interior civil aviation equipment. Complete cable systems that meet the requirements of the aeronautical sector in terms of mechanical strength, traceability and even anti-flammability.

What is a steel cable in the aeronautical sector?

From the securing of a part with a flexible metal cable on a technical base, through the actuation of a pilot’s seat or the emergency unhinging of a door for a helicopter. Codica, in co-development with its customers, offers complete and tailor-made solutions in stainless steel and high resistance cables in line with their constraints on steel cables to optimize the mechanical strength, the endurance of the products and the environment of the product. With the know-how of our technicians and operators, checks and self-checks of parts are carried out upstream of production and during production.

Custom-made PUSH PULL cables that meet anti-flammability requirements according to FAR 25.853. Codica offers PUSH PULL sheaths that are 25% lighter than a standard Bowden sheath. Depending on the number and diameter of the wires of the PUSH PULL sheath, the radius of curvature and the inner sheath will reduce the coefficient of friction between the steel cable and the metal sheath. The specific surface treatments of the components of the mechanical control by cable will protect the function in current use.

Our products

PUSH PULL outer cable with inner sheath

The PUSH PULL outer cable consists of an inner tube and several wires wound lengthwise and then covered with polypropylene or polyamide. It is lighter and has a more precise behaviour than flat wire sleeves with a cable assembly.

Gaine push pull métallique avec tube intérieur

Eyelet end

The eyelet cable end is crimped onto a cable and serves as a hook on a shaft diameter. Made of galvanized or deep drawn stainless steel, the eyebolt is very strong. It is used to secure tools or axles.

Fournisseur embout œillet câble acier

Loop end for cable

The loop end for wire rope is ideal for fastenings on an axis, the mechanical strength is close to the value of the rope.

Embout élingue câble acier

End cap sleeved thimble loop

A sleeved loop with a lug core for dimensional stability. Reliable and close to the mechanical value of the cable.

Embout boucle manchonnée avec cosse

Push-pull armored stainless steel cable

In some applications, cables with high compressive strength are required. The push pull cables have the particularity of being effective in traction and compression.

Câble inox push pull

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