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Design of a wire rope

Cables are the easiest solution for most of mechanical applications. New and innovative application are discovered on a daily basis offering opportunities for you to profit from our cables. Increasingly, engineers and designers use the benefits offered by ropes and strands to achieve flexible and safe solution.

Strands are manufactured by twisting together single wires to form the basis for manufacturing wire ropes. Depending on the application, strands with 7 to 37 wires are twisted to produce a rope, thus increasing bending performance.

The design of strands

All strands are manufactured with high tensile wire. The wires are twisted helically to form the strand.

The design of wire ropes

Wire rope are also manufactured by twisting helically, but this time strand are used rather than single wires. Either a strand or fiber rope is used as a core.

Designation of strands and ropes

Strands and ropes are designated as follows: (number of strands) X (number of wires per strand).

Codica définition d'un câble
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