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Interview with Cécile Hebert, quality manager at Codica

Today, we invite you to meet Cécile Hébert, quality manager, and her team at Codica.

1) What is quality at Codica? How do you operate in the context of custom product manufacturing?

Quality at Codica comes in 2 aspects: external quality and internal quality.

  • External quality: Codica seeks the satisfaction of its customers, by providing products that meet their expectations, in order to build their loyalty. This requires a necessary listening to customers, also taking into account implicit needs, not expressed by customers.
  • Internal quality: Codica implements means to control and improve its operation; identify and limit malfunctions. It also aims to empower its staff, to strengthen the group spirit.

In the context of new product manufacturing such as a steel cable, validation of initial samples by the customer is desired by Codica. This ensures that all customer needs have been taken into account.

2) How do we ensure that the products are compliant?

Codica ensures that the products delivered comply with what has been defined, by setting up reception inspections, self-checks and final checks.

3) How do you ensure product traceability?

SAP allows us to assign lot numbers to components when they are received; to finished products when they are placed in storage.

4) What type of certification at Codica?

We have been ISO 9001 certified by the German organization TÜV since 1998.

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