Stainless steel cable ball swage end
Fabricant embout sphérique pour câble électrique

Ball end

Spherical end cap for electrical cable

The sphere or ball cable end has 360° angular freedom as long as the cable is not under tension. The sphere typically reaches 60% of the value of the cable.

For cable
± 0,3 mm
MaterialPrevious Ref.New Ref.
0,27- 0,361,5Inox / Stainless steelCS 002715KU000015
0,45 -0,501,5Inox / Stainless steelCS 004515KU000016
0,27 - 0,362,0Laiton / BrassCM 002720KU000001
0,45 - 0,602,0Laiton / BrassCM 004520KU000003
0,27 - 0,452,3Laiton / BrassCM 002723KU000002
0,45 - 0,602,3Laiton / BrassCM 004523KU000004
0,36- 0,813,2Laiton / BrassCM 008132KU000006
1,003,2Laiton / BrassCM 010032KU000007
1,203,2Laiton / BrassCM 012032KU000009
0,63 - 1,004,0Laiton! BrassCM 008040KU000005
1,20 - 1,504,0Laiton / BrassCM 017040KU000012
0,63 - 1,004,8Laiton / BrassCM 010048KU000008
1,20- 1,504,8Laiton / BrassCM 016048KU000011
1,20 - 1,506,0Laiton / BrassCM 012060KU000010
1,80 - 2,004,8Laiton / BrassCM 022048KU000013
1,80 - 2,006,0Laiton / BrassCM 022060KU000014
2,006,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelCZ 020060KU000030
2,006,0Inox / Stainless steelCS 020060KU000017
2,508,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelCZ 025080KU000031
2,508,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelCS 025080KU000018
3,008,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelCZ 030080KU000032
3,008,0Inox / Stainless steelCS 030080KU000019
4,0010,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelCZ 040010KU000033
4,00• 10,0Inox / Stainless steelCS 040010KU000020

* In the case of a crimped ferrule assembly to a rope, the minimum breaking load varies depending on the ferrule selected.
** Crimped end fittings are only sold assembled to a strand or rope.

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