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The ends or ferrules of cables and sheaths are crimped, injected or threaded fasteners for the purpose of adapting to a medical device, a system embedded in a vehicle or even an industrial technology.

Cylindrical tip cable

The cylindrical end cap for wire rope offers a mechanical strength close to the rope's strength. It allows traction in the axis of the wire rope.

Stepped cylindrical tip

The stepped cylindrical end cap has a mechanical strength close to that of the cable, accompanied by a larger contact area due to the shoulder.

Crossbar stop sleeve terminals

The crossbar end cable allows the wire rope to rotate along an axis. Used in applications with lever arms.

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Ball end

The sphere or ball cable end has 360° angular freedom as long as the electrical cable is not under tension. The sphere typically reaches 60% of the value of the cable.

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Eyelet end

The eyelet cable end is crimped onto a cable and serves as a hook on a shaft diameter. Made of galvanized or deep drawn stainless steel, the eyebolt is very strong. It is used to secure tools or axles.

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Threaded rod end

The threaded rods are perfect when adjusting or tensioning the steel rope. The body of the rod is thinner for easier mounting.

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Loop end for cable

The loop end for wire rope is ideal for fastenings on an axis, the mechanical strength is close to the value of the rope.

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End caps for steel traction cable

Cable ends or cable ends are stops crimped onto the cable. Cylindrical, stepped cylindrical, spherical, threaded rod, discover our specific fabrications for your project. Codica guarantees the mechanical strength of the cable ends.

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End cap sleeved thimble loop

A sleeved loop with a lug core for dimensional stability. Reliable and close to the mechanical value of the cable.

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End caps for metal sheaths

The end outer cable are made in glavanized or stainless steel to fix the outer cable and allow an adjustement of the cable tension. Many other types are available.

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Crimped HEX SCREW sheath end

The sheath ends hexagonal screws are crimped onto the sheath ends. They are adjustable fasteners for adjusting the tension of the cable.

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Neckline tip

The end caps are fasteners that form the link between your frame and the duct. The end caps provide better stability for the mechanical drive.

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End caps for metal sheaths

Turned stops provide a more precise adjustment. To be completed with a hexagonal screw to have a possible adjustment.

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Sheath end caps zinc-plated steel turnbuckle body

Zinc-plated steel fastener with threaded holes in each for adjusting the cable tension in the middle of a mechanical control.

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End caps for flexible shafts

Flexible shaft ends are machined parts that are crimped onto flexible shafts. There are certain standards but other solutions are possible.

Câble arbre flexible résistant

Cylindrical Crimp Ends

Cylindrical crimped ferrules for flexible shafts are round ferrules crimped onto the shaft. The torsional strength is checked.

End caps by 4-sided crimping

The square crimps are a deformation of the flexible shaft. In projects with quantities, this is the most economical solution.

Cylindrical crimped end fittings with tightening screw

Cylindrical crimped ends with clamping screws are a perfect solution for regular disassembly or replacement.

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Zamak cable end pieces

Zamak 5 end fittings or cable ends are parts that are moulded onto the stainless steel or galvanised cable. Codica manufactures cables with zamak end fittings at its Barr site in Alsace. The minimum launch quantity is around 1000 pieces in series production.

Cylindrical zamak cable end

The die cast zamak cable end is overmoulded from dedicated tooling, for dedicated high volume production, the minimum production run is 1000 pieces. It is a heavy duty end cap for intensive use.

Shank end stop cable

The shank end cap has a mechanical strength close to the strength of the cable, accompanied by a larger contact surface.

Zamak sphere cable end

For single axis fixings, the mechanical strength is close to the value of the cable.

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Crossbar stop sleeve terminal

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Tailor-made zamak cable end

The zamak injected cable ends are made from a mould. Often the standard end fittings are not suitable for a good integration of your product. That is why we can study other solutions for tailor-made cable ends

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