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Fournisseur embout tige filetée industrie

Threaded rod end

Threaded rod end for steel cable

The threaded rod ends are perfect when adjusting or tensioning wire rope. The body of the rod is thinner for easier mounting.

For cable
± 1 mm
± 1 mm
6 Pans
± 0,3 mm
MaterialPrevious Ref.New Ref.
0,27 - 0,45M320,028,02,3Laiton / BrassEM 027320GE000001
0,27 - 0,45M412,018,01,6Laiton / BrassEM 027412GE000002
0,27 - 0,45M430,040,02,3Laiton / BrassEM 027430GE000003
0,54 - 0,63M420,030,02,3Laiton / BrassEM 054420GE000004
0,54 - 0,63M435,045,02,3Laiton / BrassEM 054435GE000005
0,72 - 0,81M525,040,02,8Laiton / BrassEM 072525GE000006
0,72 - 0,81M540,055,02,8Laiton / BrassEM 072540GE000007
0,90 - 1,00M530,045,03,2Laiton / BrassEM 090530GE000008
0,90- 1,00M550,065,03,2Laiton / BrassEM 090550GE000009
1,20 - 1,50M630,042,04,0Laiton / BrassEM 120630GE000010
1,20 - 1,50M650,065,04,0Laiton / BrassEM 120650GE000011
1,75 - 1,80M830,045,05,0Laiton / BrassEM 175830GE000012
1,75 - 1,80M850,065,05,0Laiton / BrassEM 175850GE000013
2,00M630,047,04,3Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 200630GE000028
2,00M650,067,04,3Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 200650GE000029
2,00M630,047,04,3Inox / Stainless steelES 200630GE000014
2,00M650,067,04,3Inox / Stainless steelES 200650GE000015
2,50M630,050,04,3Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 250630GE000030
2,50M650,070,04,3Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 250650GE000031
2,50M630,050,04,3Inox / Stainless steelES 250630GE000016
2,50M650,065,04,3Inox / Stainless steelES 250650GE000017
3,00M830,053,06,0Acier galva / Galvanized steel EZ 300830EZ 300830GE000032
3,00M850,073,06,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 300850GE000033
3,00M830,053,06,0Inox / Stainless steelES 300830GE000018
3,00M850,073,06,0Inox / Stainless steelES 300850GE000019
4,00M840,070,07,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 400840GE000034
4,00M870,0100,07,0Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 400870GE000035
4,00M840,070,07,0Inox / Stainless steelES 400840GE000020
4,00M870,0100,07,0Inox / Stainless steelES 400870GE000021
5,00M1040,075,08,7Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 500140GE000036
5,00M1070,0105,08,7Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 500170GE000037
5,00M1040,075,08,7Inox / Stainless steelES 500140GE000022
5,00M1070,0105,08,7Inox / Stainless steelES 500170GE000023
6,00M1240,080,010,7Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 600140GE000038
6,00M1270,0110,010,7Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 600170GE000039
6,00M1240,080,010,7Inox / Stainless steelES 600140GE000024
6,00M1270,0110,010,7Inox / Stainless steelES 600170GE000025
8,00M1640,090,014,5Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 800140GE000040
8,00M1670,0120,014,5Acier galva / Galvanized steelEZ 800170GE000041
8,00M1640,090,014,5Inox / Stainless steelES 800140GE000026
8,00M1670,0120,014,5Inox / Stainless steelES 800170GE000027

Clevises for threaded rods

Standard crimped cable endings.

Previous Ref.New Ref.
M6636432461012S 0402770DI000015
M8848583281416S 0402230DI000014
M1010607240101820S 0404550
M1212728648122024S 0406860
M16169611564162632S 0406850

Locking pins for threaded rods

Standard crimped cable endings.

Suitable for screedA
Previous Ref.New Ref.
S 040277016,0S 2506870
S 040223021,5S 2502240SI000001
S 040455026,0S 2504560
S 040686031,0S 2506880
S 040685039,0S 2506890

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